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The Music & Writings of Graham Jackson


Transparencies is a CD of relaxing, meditative piano improvisations recorded by Graham H. Jackson in 1991.

What they say about TransparenciesTransparencies

"The music of Graham Jackson has been both delightful and therapeutic. I play it in the office often. His compositions seem to broadcast both serenity and release."
- Chiropractor and Naturopath Dr. Jose DaCosta Reis, Toronto

"Transparencies is a set of graceful compositions stylishly executed in a spirited yet relaxed way, soothing one's nerves effortlessly"..."I like it."
- Renée Gelpi, Host of Celebration Starsong CIUT-FM Toronto for many years; former Music Editor of Common Ground

"Wonderful...harmonious and fine...unusual pleasant surprises, but always soothing".
- Diana Silver Hassell, Thornhill

"Inspiring...I listen to it a lot; it seems to suit so many different mood needs. It is so different from the "New Age easy listening" genre. It doesn't numb you or put you to sleep--it engages you, is enlivening. It is a true experience of music--food for the soul. I hope this is the first of many. My 7-year-old son keeps asking for it. I could listen to him for hours."
- Lynda Tam, Richmond Hill

"I have been playing your tape in my waiting room for a couple of months, all the time. Everybody has appreciated it. With the other tapes I have tried, there has always been someone who turns it off, but no one turns yours off. They come, relax, will stretch out and are often half dozing when I come for them."
- Psychiatrist Dr. Lois Plumb, Toronto

"I listen to it very often: it is worth listening to as music. It hints at many styles and composers without plagiarizing any of them. I also love it as background, both for meditation and for concentrated thought. It is well named: it has a 'see-through' quality that gives it a sense of space and spaciousness".
- Keith Philpott, Toronto

"We have been playing Transparencies very often, both in our waiting room and during massage, because this beautiful music, while unobtrusive, is also unpredictable and really worth listening to. Of our hundreds of New Age recordings, this is one of our favorite two or three."
- Massage Therapist Mark Levine, Richmond Hill


WHY THE NAME TRANSPARENCIES?  A transparency is a picture in coloured tissue paper, which comes to life when light shines through it. In just the same way as a composer might speak of inspiration, the aim of this music is to let a spiritual light shine through.

If, while I am improvising, I am really present and awake within the music, rather than every now and then just lapsing into formula and letting the music go on automatic pilot, that is one form of transparency to the spirit--my spirit.

A further step is opening myself--my spirit--to what I would like the music to express, be it only a sense of well-being, or of wonder and thanksgiving for the privilege of being alive in this wondrous universe, sustained by the mysterious Spirit that is the source of my existence and informs it all.

What is Special about the Sound Reproduction?

 This first CD has been treated with a new technology which will probably be taken up by everybody before long. It is just so obviously better.

Called "luson"(patent pending), it simply involves coating the master CD with a very thin coating that magically improves the amount of detail that is picked up. Nothing is added to what is on the disc. It just enables more of what is there to be heard, including the very brief, high-frequency echoes called transients, which contribute so much to the "virtual presence" phenomenon. Even with just the piano, you feel the space around better.

Apparently the shrill, raspy "digital" sound heard in so many CD's is due to a marvellous technology which compensates for the tiny gaps in pickup by "guessing" and filling in with approximations of what is missing. The luson process makes this unnecessary by supplying the genuine missing information, and resulting in a supple naturally full-bodied sound.

This seems to involve reduction of the size and ellipticity of the laser spot, the inclusion of more short wavelength components, and reduction of the "noise" associated with the main "effective" wavelength. Anyway, you can hear the difference.

The process was invented by Dr. Victor A. Bernstam, MD,PhD, of Ann Arbor, Michigan. It was available through Ed Marshall, of Marshall Arts Productions, but I have now lost contact with him and do not know his present address.


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