The Music & Writings of Graham Jackson


My book - The Spiritual Basis of Musical Harmony

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The Music & Writings of Graham Jackson

My book - The Spiritual Basis of Musical Harmony

(ISBN 978-1-55246-760-2)


This is the title of the book which I have been working on, off and on, for forty-two years. At last a publisher has been found--George A. Vanderburgh of The Battered Silicon Dispatch Box ( Although little known, he has published hundreds of books, mostly reprints.  

The Anthroposophic Press/SteinerBooks (N.Y.) had been interested for twenty years, and would have liked to do it, but could not afford to. It appeared however in their catalogue last fall.

The book has now been printed and I have the copies available.  A PayPal link has been set up (see How to Buy) so that you can order it direct from this website by credit card.

As the book is published in paperback, in large format (8 1/2 x 11 in.) with two columns to the page, there is a good deal of text on each page--almost 1000 words, but clearly legible in Arial 10-point.  There are also many diagrams and musical examples.   


Please note: although Graham is longer alive and writing or producing music, the music and writings of Graham Jackson are still available for sale: all proceeds to go towards the future education of his nine grandchildren.

Also, in going through his books and records, we have discovered the full manuscripts for the full series of books of which this was only an introduction, and will look at ways to make these available.